The AspireAssist

The AspireAssist Explained

The AspireAssist is a device that safely extracts food from your stomach after you’ve eaten. The device is attached to your stomach that can pump out 30% of the foods you eat into the toilet. It takes about 5-10 minutes and helps reinforce healthy eating habits by requiring people to chew their food more thoroughly, so they’ll be able to digest it better.

aspire assist

Who is it For?

The AspireAssist is a medical device that helps obese adults lose weight without having to diet or exercise. It can be used by people who have tried and failed with diets, as well as for those whose BMI ranges from 35-55.

How The Procedure Works

Our gastroenterologist places a small tube through your belly and into the stomach. This procedure only takes about 30-45 minutes, is performed under “twilight anesthesia” so you’ll go home within a couple of hours, and can be removed at any time in an outpatient same day procedures if necessary. We place this device to help remove up to 30% of food from your stomach before it’s absorbed by the body – which helps people lose weight without restricting their diet or lifestyle too much!

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

Patients who use the AspireAssist and partner with their physician, lose 3x more weight in comparison to patients only utilizing diet and exercise counseling. The most successful patients – those that utilize the device on a regular basis; additionally making gradual lifestyle changes – can expect up to 107 pounds lost within one year. Our partnership will continue for 12 months following this initial success by providing comprehensive dietary guidance, as well as long-term behavioral support so they are able to maintain these results indefinitely!

Why Choose Marvelous Me for The AspireAssist?

Endoscopic Mastery

The complicated nature of endoscopic procedures demand a great amount of skill. Dr. Veera is a gastroenterologist with an expertise in weight loss and endoscopies. He travels all over to learn the lastest cutting edge procedures so that he can bring most advanced care to Upsate South Carolina.

Bariatric Prestige

Dr. Veera is a renowned gastroenterologist who performs endoscopic procedures at Anmed Hospital. AnMed Health Weight Loss Surgery was certified in 2016 by the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP), a nationally accredited program that meets the highest standards for patient safety and quality of care. The MBSAQIP standards ensure that weight loss surgery patients receive a multidisciplinary program, not just surgery, which improves long-term success.

Physician Commitment

If you live in South Carolina, or are traveling from another state, we promise to provide the highest level of concierge care with direct access to your physician. We remain committed for your success throughout this weight loss journey because our goal is not just about losing pounds but also regaining health and happiness.


Insurance does not currently provide coverage for non-surgical weight loss procedures

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Traveling From In/Out of State?

Marvelous Me Weight Loss is only 36 miles away from Greenville Spartanburg International Airport. We have hotels only minutes away from our location so that traveling won’t be stressful or tiring on you!

Non-Surgical Endoscopic Procedure Comparisons

Type of Procedure

Non Surgical (Endoscopic)

Non Surgical (Endoscopic)

Non Surgical (Endoscopic)

Is Hospitalization Required




Return to work

2-3 days

2-3 days

2 days

Average Excess Weight Loss


30 to 40%

50 to 60%

Average Total Body Weight Loss


15 to 20%


Major Complications

Rare <1%

Rare <1%

Rare <1%





Covered by insurance